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Issue 25 Out Now

Issue 25 Out Now

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The Faces of League

The crew at rugby league week have been working tirelessly on this new edition and we are extremely excited for it to be hitting the shelves. The Faces of League edition is packed full of some awesome content! In a great read, Ian Roberts talks to us about homosexuality in rugby league and some of the stuff he has to deal with! Nigel Vagana talked to us about the huge contribution that pacific islanders have made to our great game. We met up with Ronnie Palmer and had a look into his life, as well as looking over the career of the legend that is Cameron Smith plus much much more!

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Born out of a cramped office space in the Sutherland Shire, comprising of just some lawn furniture, a family of mice and no air conditioning, Rugby League Player began on an exciting endeavour, some six years ago, to win the Rugby League world over. Granted, we’re still working on the air conditioning, but in the meantime, RLP has achieved every other goal, and more, as we continue to ascend to the very top of the publishing pile. After a year away from the game, our team, comprising of some of the most imaginative and accomplished minds in the industry, have poured our hearts and souls into creating Australia’s only bi-annual print collection to celebrate our shared passion for the greatest game of all. Within the pages of RLP you will find the stories of athletes at the pinnacle of their profession, rising stars of tomorrow, legends of the game and prominent industry figures, brought to you through vibrant imagery, unique content, impeccable design and a promise that we will always provide our readers with an unrivalled experience that explores the depths of the game that we all know and love.


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‘The Hardest Working Man at GMG’, the ‘Ari Gold’ to the Rugby League Player Magazine entourage. Commonly found legs up on his imported Cuban leather desk, headset on and whip in hand.
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If our editor at large isn’t down at the beach, he’ll be interviewing Jonathan Thurston or setting up the RLP microphone in pressers, even if it means sacrificing Craig Bellamy’s head in the Fox sports shot.
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Art Director
The office would not be the same without our loyal art director. Fueled by Red Bull and cigarettes, she’s taken the reigns of art direction saving the magazine from near certain failure not once but three times.
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Editorial Assistant
A Northern Beaches boy, a Manly Sea Eagles tragic and a slow medium bowler. Known to enjoy a beer or two and a bit of a cheeky punt.

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